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April 19, 2021

Joyce Khoury has been passionate about music and theater performance ever since she was a child. At the time, her choirmaster encouraged her to sing on stage, giving her the confidence she needed to pursue it as a career later on. Though her parents never encouraged her to pursue her passion, she found a way to do so anyway. After graduating school, Khoury enrolled as a computer science student for one year, as per her parent’s advice, and couldn’t do it for longer than that. When registration for her second year came around, she decided to pursue what she loves: music. She began building her skills until she became a music educator at one of the most prestigious schools in Lebanon. In addition to her day job, Khoury performs at events on the side.

Her musical style ranges in genre between classical Arabic, English, and French music. She hopes to collaborate with notable Lebanese singers and bands such as Julia Boutros and Adonis.

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