Amr Salah.. is a well-known Egyptian presenter 

March 9, 2021

Amr Salah is a well-known Egyptian presenter who has gained wide fame and popularity over the years. He ventured into the world of online radio at a very young age, proving his talent quite early in the process. He then joined Nagham FM, presenting many successful programs over a period of six years. Salah has since presented several media programs with Mona Abdel-Wahab. These include “Al 7okm Ba3d Mozawela,” “Al Mafia,” “Al Jasoos,” and “Ya Thawra Ma Tmet.”

Salah tries his best to shed light on important humanitarian and societal issues as well, which is what he does during the program “Taheya Tayba w Ba3ed,” which is among the top ranked programs in Egypt.

He is currently presenting the show titled “Tareeq Saree3” on Sha`biyat FM (Nile Radio).

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