Sharihan Abo Kela.. is a successful Egyptian actress and media figure

June 7, 2021

Sharihan Abo Kela is a young Egyptian actress and media personality. Her passion for radio manifested when she was a child, ultimately developing into a passion for acting as well. 

Abo Kela has presented many programs on radio and television, including the program “Malak and Ketaba,” in which she touched upon the problems of young people and the “Saba7na Ma3ak” program. The actress entered the field of acting by chance. Although she grabbed the attention of many, Abo Kela always seeks to develop her talent through specialized training courses. She has taken part in several series over the years, including “Nelly W Sharihan,” “Shataranj,” “Sed Red,” and Season 4 of the series “Heba Rajol El Ghorab.”

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