Nourhan Shoeib.. An Egyptian actress whose career started by chance, but continued with hard work

June 17, 2020

Egyptian actress Nourhan Shoeib began her journey into the world of arts in 1994. It all happened by chance when director Abdulaziz Al-Sukari saw her in action several times. She eventually managed to get a role in the Ramadan series “Al-Sahr.” 

She has since continued to take on several roles in TV series and films. These include “Hadarat El Mohtarram,” “Rajol Tomooh,” and “3a2elat El Hajji Metwally.” The latter is one of her most prominent works. 

She made a comeback in 2014 when she took part in several series including “Habet Rajol El Ghoorab,” “One Thousand and One Nights,” “Qamar Hadi,” “Layale Al Helmieya,” among others. She also took part in Ramadan series in 2019 including “Qamar Hadi” and “3alamat Estefham.” 

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