Interview With Manel Mallat: Things You Didn’t Know

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May 20, 2021

Manel Mallat is a singer, charismatic actress, performer, and activist who seeks social betterment. Her multi-cultural education and diverse background have given her an edge in the industry. In a recent chat with Omneeyat, the young artist described herself as strong and daring. She also revealed that she often reminds herself that anxiety is healthy because it pushes one to be the best version of themselves.

Read the below interview to get to know a side of Manel Mallat you probably didn’t know before.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a reflection of my personality and character. I sing and perform what I feel and what I go through. As an artist, I feel it’s a responsibility to seek social betterment and I highly believe in the power of arts and music, hence my interest in engaging music, topics, and causes that speak to me and trigger me. 

My style is very varied and diverse just like my roots, heritage, and multicultural education. I always like to merge eastern and western genres - from Soul, Pop, Jazz, Pop, Funk, Rock, Oriental fusion to Broadway musical theatre. My music is about fusion, cross-cultural perspectives, and diversity. 

Growing up, who was your musical inspiration?

I had many. To name a few: Whitney Houston, Shirley Bassey, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Savage Garden, Scorpions, Edith Piaf, and others.

How and when did you start singing/songwriting/producing music professionally?

I started performing weekly in a piano bar when I was 15. My music teacher and mentor introduced me to the manager of the venue and to the singer/musician who was performing there already as he was looking for a female singer to accompany him. I remember going to the audition right after school with my backpack, and their reaction when they saw me was funny and they thought I must have gotten the address wrong ... a teenager with a backpack in a bar, not very logical…but the audition changed everything and that’s how I started! 

Given the chance, who would you like to collaborate with?

There are so many artists I would like to collaborate with including Mika & Kazem El Saher.

How do you deal with performance anxiety? 

Breathing exercises all the way. I also remind myself that controlled performance anxiety is actually healthy because it pushes me to give my best as if it were my first and last performance every single time. 

If you weren’t a singer/songwriter/music producer, what would you be doing right now?

I had plans to become a vet! But I realized I couldn’t do med school and music professionally at the same time. So maybe a vet or fashion designer! 

What would you advise young musicians who want to be part of the music world?

I would advise them to always stay true to themselves: don’t try to sound or look like others, don’t try to be them. Be You, an original, not a copy.  

Remember that you don’t fail when someone else succeeds. And if you ever fail, because we all mess up at some point, what matters is how you deal with it. Learn to embrace your failures so you’re ready to explore new territories.                                                                                

How would you describe yourself as an actor?

Daring, confident, and eager to explore. 

What do you think is your greatest strength as an actor?

Not afraid of getting out of my comfort zone and exploring. (And I’m not afraid to not look “pretty” on camera)

How do you prepare for an important scene?

I close my eyes, breathe deeply and play the whole scene in my head then I’m ready to rehearse it fully in front of a mirror. 

Given the chance, who would you like to collaborate with?

Badih Abou Chakra and Bassel Khayat.

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