Itab Naem.. is an experienced actress, dubbing expert, drama scriptwriter, and puppeteer with years of experience

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  • Drama scriptwriter
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  • Syria

April 13, 2021

Itab Naem is an experienced actress, dubbing expert, drama scriptwriter, and puppeteer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She has been a member of the Syrian Syndicate of Professional Actors since 2002. She is also a Puppet Show Professional Editor and Director at the Syrian Ministry of Education, a role she has held since 2002 as well. 

She has acted in several series over the years including “Abo Zaeed Al Helali,” “Antara,” “Bahlool” and films such as “Jasmin” and “Jadariah el-Hob.” She has also appeared in several plays and kids’ theatrical works as either an actress or puppeteer. She has also edited, supervised and directed kids and puppet shows and managed the Arabic dubbing of drama series such as “Ghyoum Hamra," “Kied Amraa," among others.

Over the course of her professional experience, Naem’s work has been recognized and honored. She was awarded "Best Director of Children & Puppet Theatre" in Tunisia’s Hammamat Soussa Festival for the show "Fahema Al Hakema" in 2010. She also received the “Best Actress Award” during the Damascus Theatre Festival and Al Ain Theater Festival for her roles in the plays “Nahda Tereseas” and “Kalekola,” respectively.

She has worked with multiple orphan organizations in Syria, utilizing theater and puppet shows as a healing and reintegration mechanism for orphans. Aside from all that, Naem has written multiple articles and conducted research for “Chouroufat El-Sham Publications,” touching on international puppet shows and their importance in the educational sector.

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