Hind Sdassi.. has gone from beauty pageant to singer 

March 18, 2021

Hind Sdassi is a Moroccan artist who won the title of Miss Maghreb in 2016. Sdassi initially studied to be a flight attendant, but ventured out into a different industry throughout her career. After being crowned beauty queen, she was given the opportunity to act in several Arab dramas: Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian. Winning the title also gave her the chance to put her singing talent on display. She has released many well-known songs since including “Class” and “El Qalb W Ma Yoreed.”

She released her new song "Makanesh Maamen" in the form of a video clip, directed by Mehdi Hamdoun. The song, which was written and composed by Anas al-Iraqi, addresses the effects of separating from a lover. The song has amassed over a million listeners. The artist has also released another hit song titled "3ahedat Nafse,” which she sang in the Egyptian dialect, garnering over 2 million listeners since its release.

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