Elie Moukarzel.. is a professional writer and presenter

April 19, 2021

Elie Moukarzel is a young Lebanese writer and presenter. During his university years, Moukarzel pursued a degree in accounting at AUL University. But his passion for writing has been around since day one. As a child, he would write down his thoughts and poems; among his works is “3am Ye7terek Albe.” 

Moukarzel has written several songs over the years including “3am Faker Feek,” “Ya Raytak Ma3e,” “Mashaweer,” and “Ana Maghroome.” In 2017, he released his first book titled “Aghane Bala Al7an,” an 84-page long book that resonates well with readers as it touches on countless social issues such as love, betrayal, friendship and much more. In 2019, he wrote his first online series on YouTube and Facebook titled “Lola.” A year later, he prepared and presented the social program “Noqat 3ala El 7aref.”

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