Carolina Karam.. is a professional singer and dancer

May 21, 2021

Carolina Karam is a French-Lebanese professional singer and dancer. She made her debut after winning the Lebanese Latin Championship in 2011 and has been rising in the industry since. She took the audience’s breath away following her participation in Season 2 and Season 3 of the Arabic version of “Dancing With The Stars.” 

Karam is a member of the Syndicate of Professional Artists in Lebanon who took her career to another level when she started releasing her own songs and video clips. These include, but are not limited to, the French song “T’en vas pas,” which was released in 2014, the Spanish song “Goza la vida,” which was released in 2016, “Saa’a Nattarni/La Espera,” “Natarni/Me Hizo Esperar,” “Yalla Tayerni,” “Min Ghayrak,” “Bant El 3areed” by Hussein Jasmi, among others.

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