Ahmed Abdo.. is a popular artist with a distinct voice

April 19, 2021

Ahmed Abdo is a young Egyptian artist who is known for his “mahraganat” music. The artist has gained quite the popularity in the music scene over the years, achieving millions of views on YouTube. Abdo has grabbed the attention of many with his unique voice and performances of various songs, adding a new touch to Egyptian folk art. His duet with the artist Pasant El Nabrawy is admired by fans. Some of his most prominent songs include “Bahr Sharr,” “Ya Rehana Kolaha Menik Ghayarna," “Saqfa Liki”, “Asad W Dabe3 W Deeb,” “Al Sikka Al Thaniya,” “Bit Babli,” among others. His songs have earned massive success inside and outside of Egypt.

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