Omneeyat is a platform for bridging the gap between talents and their fans. By building a community around the talent and their supporters, we aim to achieve two things: First, we help creators connect better with their supporters; and second, we give users better access to interesting content about their favorite talent. The bonus is that through the Omneeyat platform, users can easily request personalized virtual messages from their idols. 
“Focus on your Talent, we’ll Focus on your Digital Space.” These are the exact words of Omneeyat’s Founder Mohamed Bitar when he was asked about the direction of Omneeyat. 

Do you want to grow your fanbase without crossing your boundaries and losing sight of who you are as an artist? We hear you. We know your struggles, your frustrations, and your fears. We know that your hours have a cost and your efforts shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you want to grow with us - with people who understand and support your passion for your craft - you are welcome to join Omneeyat. 

With our team’s technical expertise and marketing know-how, we can help talents use their own space to grow their fanbase and boost their popularity while staying in control of the content they want to share with their fans. What we’re looking for are talents who are truly passionate about their craft and have a long-term vision for their career. More importantly, talents who genuinely care about connecting with their fans. 

Be part of Omneyat and together, we will show the world what you are made of; we will show the world your true self.

It’s also worth mentioning that we will donate one dollar to an internationally-accredited charity for every successful video request you make with Omneeyat. So go ahead and keep those requests coming.