Omneeyat is a platform for bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans. By building a community around the talent and their supporters, we aim to achieve two things: First, we help creators connect better with their supporters; and second, we give users better access to interesting content about their favorite stars. The bonus is that through the Omneeyat platform, users can easily request personalized virtual messages from their idols. 
So how do you get things moving with the Omneeyat platform? It’s really quite simple. 

The first step is to keep an eye out for our talents Visit the Omneeyat website or check out our community pages on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to get timely updates.
Next, click on the talents’ profile to know more about them. If you like what you see, click on the “book now” button to request a personalized video. 
At this point, you will need to specify the details of your request to the talent. Fill out the fields accurately before choosing your preferred payment method. 
Finally, wait for the personalized video to land in your inbox. We will send a link within the period specified — use this link to view, share, or download your video request. 

It’s also worth mentioning that we will donate one dollar to an internationally-accredited charity for every successful video request you make with Omneeyat. So go ahead and keep those requests coming. 

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